P3L - Future of Florals Magazine (Student Work)Photography and article text belong to original creators. See cited sources below for more information.  
Flowers have a unique space embedded in our society. They are a reminder of the natural beauty around us. With the internet becoming more accessible, the influx of information has shaped our perspectives. Our world is determined by what we consume, and our digital reality becomes our own reality. 

P3L is a magazine that intersects art, tech, and florals. Questioning how nature and technology can come together, P3L aims to bring warmth and humanity in a space that is blurred between digital and physical reality. 

P3L is a numeronym for ‘Petal’. A numeronym is a number-based word, taking the first and last letter of the word, and replaces the letters inbetween with the number of letters.
The logo was inspired by the first computer graphics - clipart.

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